Represented by Nir Inbar Sports Law &Business, CAS Upholds Players Management Group’s Claim Against Red Star Belgrade.

We are pleased to inform our esteemed clients and partners of a recent decision by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) that underscores the principles of contract sanctity and fairness in professional football.

Case Overview

Players Management Group recently found it necessary to approach CAS for arbitration in a case involving outstanding payables of commission by Red Star Belgrade. The pursuit of this legal remedy was anchored in the principles of professionalism, legal rights, and the equitable treatment of all parties involved in professional sports contracts.

The Deliberation at CAS

CAS, with its hallmark impartiality and commitment to justice, evaluated the submissions from both Players Management Group and Red Star Belgrade. The intricacies of the case, the binding nature of the contracts, and the international norms governing professional sports contracts were carefully considered.

The Ruling

CAS ruled in favour of Players Management Group, a decision that reaffirmed the agency’s legal position and contractual rights. The ruling directed Red Star Belgrade to settle the overdue payables and accorded additional compensation at an interest of 10% per annum. Furthermore, a contribution towards the legal costs incurred by Players Management Group was granted.

The full arbitration costs will be borne by Red Star Belgrade, as determined and communicated by the CAS Court Office in due course.


We receive this judgement with respect and appreciation for the impartiality and thoroughness of the CAS proceedings. It underscores our commitment to professional ethics, legal standards, and the pursuit of fairness and justice within the framework of contractual obligations and international sports law.

Our Commitment

Players Management Group remains steadfast in its commitment to providing impeccable services, grounded in professionalism, integrity, and legal excellence. We navigate the complexities of sports law with precision, ensuring that the rights and interests of our clients are safeguarded and upheld.

For enquiries and consultations, we remain at your service, ready to offer expert legal guidance, representation, and advisory services, ensuring that the tenets of fairness, justice, and legal integrity are unwaveringly upheld.

Written byNir Inbar