Federations & Unions

Football Lawyer
Football Lawyer

We represent national Federations and Unions. Key stakeholders in the world of Sport.

Sport Federations play very important role. Through sport they provide education and empowerment, escapism and enjoyment. Promoting health and well-being, and the power of teamwork. Our role starts in assisting Federations  promoting and developing the game at all levels; from grassroots through to the professional game.

Similarly, Sport Unions shape and influence the provisions currently available to players across the world, as they strive to improve welfare and working conditions throughout the game. Unions support Players, who just like any other worker, need rules and structures in place to protect their pay, their contracts, their working conditions and environment, their health and safety, and their development.

For both Federations and Unions, we oversee all aspects of the legal function, including commercial, regulatory, litigation, data protection and property. We Contribute to the effective management, development and direction of client as a member of its Executive Team. We develop and retain effective relationships with all key stakeholders. We liaise with external governance bodies as and when appropriate, so that the best interests of our clients are maintained.