We represent dozens of players from all around the globe. 

Players nowadays mainly face issues relating to their employment with their clubs – unpaid salaries, labor mistreatment and other contractual disputes. 


Our team expertizes in assisting players to solve or ideally to prevent those challenges. Starting ideally before signing on their employment contracts we protect their rights, assist in negotiations and maximize their benefits, upon concluding their employment contracts and signing with their agent.


On the occurrence of legal dispute, our team regularly represents players before the relevant sports legal authorities including at FIFA, in front of the Dispute Resolution Chamber of the Football Tribunal; at the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS); at BAT in basketball related matters; or at any other relevant authority.


While defending our Players’ revenues, we make all necessary actions to help our players grow. Understanding the complex dynamic of football international sports today, we manage the player’s image rights and tackle taxation challenges, either in local or international dimension. On top of that, our team generates extra revenue stream to the players, creating commercial opportunities from sponsors and investors.