Privacy Policy

Nir Inbar Sports Law & Business (the “Nir Inbar”, “we” or “us“) value your privacy and is obligated to protect and maintain personal information it collects about you. This Privacy Policy outlines the manner in which we collect information, the types of information collected, the way we use this information and the manner in which you, as a data subject, are entitled to view, update or request the deletion of the information.

This document may use a masculine form for convenience purposes only, however it is intended for both men and female.


When using website (the “Website“) and/or during the course of your engagement with Nir Inbar, you agree that the we will collect, store and use information about you in manners which are outlined in this Privacy Policy and you agree to the risks outlined in the data security clause.

In this Privacy Policy, the term “Personal Information” shall mean any information gathered by or delivered to us by yourself and/or anyone on your behalf, which can reasonable identify you and/or any information which is protected under the Protection of Privacy Law, 1981, including, without limitation, first name, surname, identification number, address, phone/mobile number, e-mail address, area of interests, payment details and means, additional information gathered during any correspondence between you and Nir Inbar, etc.


Some of the information collected by us during your use of the Website and/or your engagement with Nir Inbar does not personally identify you and is not kept together with your personal information. This is statistical and/or cumulative information. For example, ads you viewed on the Website, offers and services you found interesting, your IP address, etc.


The information which will be collected will be stored in a database of Nir Inbar (the “Database“). The use of the Website and/or the services offered by us constitutes your consent to this Privacy Policy and that the information about you will be stored and managed in the aforesaid Database. The use of the information in the Database will be made in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Policy or the provisions of the applicable law, for the purposes outlined below.

The use of the information

The Personal Information will be stored in the Database, for the following purposes:

  • To allow you to use the Website, its content and the services offered through it;
  • To contact you when we believe it is necessary for the provision of the services or the fulfillment of any legal obligation;
  • To provide support and to address any request or complaint;
  • For administration of newsletters and enrollment to our programs or services, subject to obtaining lawful consents;
  • To fulfill requirement under law and to assist any applicable authority or third party, when we believe in good faith that we are obligated to do so/

Without derogating from the above, we will be entitled to make use of the information which does not identify you for other legitimate purposes, such as: the improvement  of our services and applications offered through the Website; tailoring content, services and ads; statistical research regarding the use of the Website and the services and content offered through it.

Transfer of information to third parties

We will not transfer to third parties your Personal Information which was collected during your use of the Website and/or during the course of your engagement with us, without your consent, except in the following events:

  • If it is required for the proper provision of the services and content offered through the Website or by Nir Inbar;
  • If we will be required to do so by a court order, a request of an applicable authority or in accordance with applicable law;
  • If we will receive a threat to take legal actions against us on the basis of actions performed by you and within the framework of any dispute, claim, suit, demand or legal proceedings, if any, between you and Nir Inbar;
  • If Nir Inbar will operate through a different entity – including by way of a merger – it will be entitled to transfer to such entity your Personal Information and any Information about you, provided that the entity receiving the information will take upon itself the provisions of this Privacy Policy;
  • If a claim will be made or if Nir Inbar will suspect that an action or in action on your behalf harmed or will harm Nir Inbar and/or anyone acting on its behalf and/or third parties;
  • For the purpose of sharing anonymized, aggregated or statistical information  with affiliate companies, suppliers, business partners, advertisers or other third parties, in accordance with the Nir Inbar’s sole discretion. Nir Inbar shall not reveal your identity to these parties, without your consent;
  • With your explicit consent.


The Website may use Cookies for the proper operation of the Website, including the collection of statistical data pertaining the use of the Website, for verification and for data security. Nir Inbar may also use Cookies of other parties, including Google Analytics and other social media networks which intend to display ads relating to products and services based on your activities in the Internet and other sites and services which you have visited, etc.  

Cookies are text files which your browser creates based on a command from the Website’s systems or systems of third parties. Some of the Cookies will expire when you close your browser while some will be stored on your hard drive in your device. The Cookies may contain varied information including pages you have visited, the length of time you spent on a site, the source of your arrival to the site, information you wish to seek while browsing a site, etc.

Modern browsers allow you to refrain from receiving Cookies. If you do not know how to do so, please check the help file of your browser for the possibility to remove the option to receive Cookies. Neutralizing Cookies may cause certain services and functionalities in the Website or any other sites to be inactive.

Data security

The Website implements up-to-date systems and procedures to secure data. While these systems and procedures minimize the risks for unauthorized penetration, they do not provide utter protection. Accordingly, Nir Inbar does not undertake or provide any guarantee that the Website will be fully proofed against any unauthorized access to the data stored in it.

The right to review information

According to the Protection of Privacy Law, 1981, any person is entitled to review, whether by himself or by a representative or a legal guardian, any information about him which is stored in a database. Any person who finds any information about him that is inaccurate, incomplete, unclear or not up-to-date, is entitled to request the owner of the database to correct the information or to erase it. If the owner of the database declines, he must notify the applicant in the manner set out under the applicable regulations. The applicant is entitled to appeal any rejection on account of an owner of a database to amend or delete data stored in a database, in accordance with applicable regulations.

Any request as aforesaid should be addressed to:

In addition, if information in a database is used for direct marketing, you are entitled under the Protection of Privacy Law, to request in writing that the information relating to you will be deleted from the database.

Changes in the privacy policy

We may update the terms of this Privacy Policy from time to time. If significant changes will be made to this Privacy Policy, a notification in the homepage of the Website will be made at least 30 days prior to the coming into force of the amended policy. If non-significant changes will be made to this Privacy Policy, a notification in the homepage of the Website will be made at least 7 days prior to the coming into force of the amended policy – unless changes will be made in accordance with applicable law or as a result of a demand by an applicable authority, and in such event the changes will come into force in accordance with the law or the demand as aforesaid. Your continuant use of this Website following changes in the Privacy Policy constitutes your consent to such changes. If you disagree with the updated Privacy Policy, please refrain from further using the Website.

Last updated: 1 February 2022