Sports Tech is one of the most active sectors for investors, with an overall funding that will reach USD 40B by 2026.

In recent years it is growing in an exponential rate in every aspect, in a race to identify the next generation of technologies that would transform the way leagues, teams, athletes, broadcasters and fans consume sports today and in the future.

Sports-tech also became a must-have by professional sports bodies. They adopt new technologies such as sports data analytics, smart stadiums, wearable devices, and digital signage to enhance their team performance, engage fans, and provide smart infrastructures.


Our Team is well experience in advising clients from across the industry, and possesses in-depth knowledge of the latest commercial and technological developments.
We work with stakeholders from a broad range of sports-tech companies, introducing them to relevant sportive stakeholders and helping them to plan, structure and negotiate long-lasting partnerships; respond to regulatory challenges; and create a range of exciting and innovative products and experiences to offer to sports fans across the globe.


FIFA Lawyer
FIFA Lawyer